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How much we want Efim & GF in app

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his g/f and another male or female would be good


but not the retard efim


i dont mean to be nasty but i think he has a downs syndrome face


thats not the reason i dont want him to get a app he is just a twat ..sorry efim ha ha ha not




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No way in hell

efim is working so hard to get back on rlc with his new gf we can see right through him and what he is trying to do I hope rlc don't give in to him and let him return to rlc efim is really clever and smart he knows what he is doing that's why he has been in n&b all the time having sex and having fun to try and work his way back on rlc.

I would rather Diana return with her new bf that would be so funny it would upset efim lol.

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You people bitch all the time about no action, then this guy shows up & gives it to you, and you don't like him cause he's mean to his woman. Well, sometimes passion works that way.

It is apparent from your comment, you didn't have a chance to visit the apartment when Efim and Diana occupied  the one and same that Zoya and Lev now occupy. IF anyone recalls, that was one of the reasons they are no longer a part of RLC.


          ABUSE Is NOT in any way shape or form  'Passion';    where did you ever get such an idea?  


       I don't think it is RealLifeCam.com intent nor is it their place to show how violent a man can be towards a woman. 


       ReallifeCam.com has done a fairly good job in protecting the women from barbarians, take the apartment of Taya and Yarik for example.


If it is your desire to see these types of acts of domestic violence, I suggest you find another avenue.


                                RealLifeCam.com is not for you.


                 AND the forum is NOT going to condone anyone that supports Violence Against Women. 

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