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How does Paul do that?

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Seen him get a boner about 10 days ago when Leora gave him a bj in the Guest Room.  I even saw Leora wipe her mouth so she must have got a facial or even swallowed.  He was even wearing his saggy underpants while she was naked and rubbing while doing it.  I just wish I knew what turns her on about him!!

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Is it possible that Leora leaves it out in the open too much and there's no mystery anymore.  Don't get me wrong, Paul is a booger-eating doughboy, but he might need a little strange to tweak his imagination.


Finally, someone who understands!  Think about it, if you like a good steak dinner, and end up having the best steak dinner on the planet for every meal, it wouldn't be long before you just don't like steak!


We don't know how long Paul and Leora have been together, for all we know it could be years.  They are just use to each other.  I actually think they have a pretty good relationship, they spend a lot of time together, they rarely fight, they do cuddle a lot.  Just seems to be like any long term couple to me.

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So right now Leora is laying there on her stomach, naked little ass right there in front of Paul and he was WAY more interested in his phone than her...

That's normal for him. Not the smartest guy on RLC.

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