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So now let see, Where do you fit in? Do you just like to watch the presiding? Do you try and analyze what you see? Where do you fit in in this RLC rollercoaster? Are you the RLC investigator that's need to know every thing about the couples? Are you one of the ones that criticizes members with valid information ? not that bullshit you get from some longtime members who figure cause they been here three years or more they know more than what you see with your own eyes. This is a forum everyone's  info is valid. You got members like Porkchop giving info under the  disguise that it's from B&B you got toolmaker123 who sometimes over step his power as a mod just cause he is a mod. You got members like bobz who for some reason think he is captain save a ho. and that he must look out for the well being of K&K..You got members like philo who sit back and observe what going on in an apt and report it back to the best of his observation not saying it the law of what he see but he has proof to back up what he talking about. But yet and still the ban threat looms over his head, .And then you got this statement  RLC has aways been good to RLCF which is true but for some reason we forget that one hand washes the other,we have been just as good to RLC. Now don't think I'm the judge and jury on this cause I've been guity of some of the shit I'm talking about. I use to watch and get pissed when nothing is happening I get in the chat and bitch and moan about what the fuck am I paying for? yep ! just like everyone else. And like it or not no one twisted your arm and made you click ok. look for all the rlcf members here we all watch and we all see something, but it might not be what another member seen. So who right and who's wrong. look RLC is a voyeur site here for you to watch and enjoy. I'm pretty sure if they wanted you to know more about the girls & couples they would have added a bio to each apt. If they wanted their English speaking members to understand what the apt are talking about they would have added some type of subtitle. can we get this chat back to where you came on  said hello to everyone and talked about what was happening in the apts. asked your friends how they were doing  and move on? And as this might be my last post to my night or early morning crew texl01,vampire,dougiestyle4u,blaster,beefeater,philo  peace out and enjoy        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tH2w6Oxx0kQ[/youtube

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