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In Remembrance Of Those Lost In Orlando


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"I am worn out from my groaning. All night long I flood my bed with weeping and drench my couch with tears. My eyes grow weak with sorrow..." Psalm 6:6-7

Dear Father,

I come before you today with a heavy heart. Sadness overwhelms me. I feel surrounded by a dense fog that I fear will never lift. Like David, "my tears have been my food day and night" (Psalm 42:3).

But I know that I must come before you. I know the only cure for this despair and sorrow I feel is to be in your presence. The psalmist wrote that in your presence there is great joy. I am clinging to that promise with a white knuckled grip. Just as the psalmist cried out to you from the pit of despair, I too pour out all these thoughts and feelings at your feet.  

My heart hurts. My eyes sting from the steady flow of tears. My mind is filled with memories of times past, making my heart ache all the more. I need you, Lord. I need your help. I need your strength to get through even the very next moment. 

Forgive me for the ways I have not glorified you in my grief. I know that this sorrow I feel is not wrong, for Christ shed tears of grief at his friend Lazarus' tomb. But I also know that in my sorrow I have had sinful thoughts and feelings that I need to confess. Create in me a clean heart, O Lord. 

In the midst of this darkness, help me to see your light. I know that you are familiar with grief. I know that Jesus was a "man of sorrows" who "for the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God" (Hebrews 12:2). He did that for me so that I could become your child. Thank you, Jesus for suffering and bearing my griefs. Thank you for taking on my sin. Thank you for making a way for me to come into the Father's presence. And thank you that one day, you will return and bring an end to all sorrow and weeping. Oh, how I long for that day! Maranatha, Lord Jesus!

For however long this season of sorrow lasts, I pray that you would show me more of your love and grace. Help me not to run from whatever you want to do in my heart. Help me to trust that you are at work and to rest in your faithfulness. I want to say along with David, "I will be glad and rejoice in your love, for you saw my affliction and knew the anguish of my soul" (Psalm 31:7).

Father, grant me gospel joy; help me to rejoice in Christ even as I grieve. Envelope me with the peace and comfort only you can provide. As the days move into months, may this burden lessen. As the months move to years, use me to encourage and bless someone else who must walk a similar path. Help me to point them to you as the God of all comfort.

I know that you are always with me and that your love never ceases. Help me to find refuge in you and no where else.

In Jesus' name I pray,


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First let me start by thank you blaster a member of our community some know him  some don't  RLCF is a mixture of very different people from different parts of this planet we call the world some times in the shout we don't see eye to eye  but what makes us the members of RLCF different than the outside world is we truly care about the well being of our members and in the wake of this tragedy we all fell sadden by the innocence lives lost  most of us here have seen this world evolve we've seen our kids grow and in our minds we hope we sent them out into a better world but as we know so well this world can be cruel so we hope and pray for the best and thats why most of us here feel Orlando them could have been our kids  these people woke up to a nitemare  I can't say that we as a community know how that's feels because some of us have lost that which we hold dear and some have not  so when you go to bed tonite if you can hold your wives a little tighter kiss you kids or grandkids a little longer bow your head and pray for the moms the dads the grandparents of Orlando who have lost what we hold dear OUR KIDS

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Unfortunately,all the words in the world will do nothing to bring the dead back to life and that is the only real remedy for the families and loved ones of the dead.The best way to honor them is to take actions to make sure it does not happen again.I hope America and the world learns from this sad event.

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Unfortunately,all the words in the world will do nothing to bring the dead back to life and that is the only real remedy for the families and loved ones of the dead.The best way to honor them is to take actions to make sure it does not happen again.I hope America and the world learns from this sad event.


   The strengths and hearts of those that have lost loved ones in this tragedy can and will be comforted when they know and come to understand the love of the Father; that God takes the innocent into His arms immediately. They are blessed to have Eternal Life now.


                             BobZ, you say the 'best way to honor them is to make sure this will never happen again',


               Please give us a remedy and solutions to end all such tragedies that have been taking place all over the world for decades;


      This is by far not the first, and certainly not the last tragic world devastation; we will continue to endure this hatred and violence from ISIS and Islamic Radicalism & Extremists, IE.,regardless of what their titles, ( Taliban,  alQueda, etc. even the most now infamous Ku Klux Klan).


    The world has been dealing with extreme terrors since the beginning of time when God expelled Lucifer from Heaven.(Ezekiel 28:16); (Isaiah. 14:13).

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I am saddened to see yet another  tragedy of such innocent loss of life.

A daily occurrence on this everso seemingly Doomed Planet. ( In many other ways as well as this horror).  Closer to home does make one sit up and pay attention, but 'an everyday occurrence' to the innocent' in many parts of the world.

I hope everyone in Orlando and the grief stricken friends, family and relatives find some comfort from their God.

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Perhaps the world looks askance at the interest we all share in other peoples' lives as voyeurs.


But when tragedy happens, men and women I hear here regularly being hard-talking straightforward no-nonsense, feel the unhappiness of the parents and lovers of the victims, and are first with prayers and hope for the future.


How we have compassion for others in their pain, unites us.

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