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Welcome to RLC and Barcelona. I was watching her work out and I was exhausted by the time she was done. Seeing her doing the massages with Megan and Lola it became apparent all those exercises has created an awesome butt.  

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Amy seems to be rather shy when it comes to showing skin and it looks to me like she is loosening up little by little.  Think that if given a little leeway she is going to be a special treat in many ways.  Hope so anyway.  My opinion.    ^-^

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Amy slipped into Megan's room and sat on her bed.   Next they were in the kitchen and Megan grabbed Amy and gave her a cuddle. as thought Amy had got emotional over something.    A minute later they were on the balcony.


I thought Amy is realising this life is not so glamorous - playing twister to 70,000 perves with a Lola old enough to be your Mum.


5 minutes though and Megan's cuddles had done the trick.   They come back in , and Megan sits next to Lola (Hi Mum I've calmed her down) and Amy is dancing round the room.


I'd happily see a lot more of Megan calming Amy.   Perhaps a slow naked massage might ease the pressure building in her little vessel.

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