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One Of Your 5 A Day. :)


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I think Sasha better watch out if Masha spends a lot of time in the fruit and vegetable section of the grocery store. Masha loves having her pussy filled often and has a big cavity to fill. Man I would eat that banana without even peeling it just to savor the pussy juice. Love girls that play with food. No pussy available for me so I need some food now - wonder why. Settled for a banana muffin - coincidence or what - lol.

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We have "tree huggers" and now we have an elite female group of "cucumber huggers". The way they hug so tightly and wrap their lips (mouth and pussy) around the cucumber shows me how passionate they are about their cause SAVE A CUCUMBER. This just makes my sphincter muscles quiver in support of them - LMFAO.

   Man, women sure can make anything look like a work of art. Will never look at cucumbers the same anymore - not just a vegetable but also a sex toy. But either way - tasty.

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Such nice girls. RLC should hire these girls. Why do you ask? These pretty  girls are doing real life activities. RLC is supposedly not a porn site (even though Leora masturbates intentionally in front of the cams, Masha fucks any Tom, Dick and Harriet, and other tenants performing sex). To me, what these girls are doing here is very artistic and art is not porn. According to my twisted logic and mind, works for me. That's my story and I am sticking to it.

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