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Fan Page Olivia and Nick

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On 5/11/2017 at 11:05 PM, hurricanefan said:

This means the couple will be there for awhile. They have sex three or more times a day and put on a great show.

There's no doubt about that. Olivia sure likes to have sex- any time, anywhere...

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This is currently my favorite apartment, both couples are very attractive and always active. (I didn't mean for that to rhyme, but it worked out.) My head would explode if they ever decided to do some mixed couples action. If I buy more replay credits at the end of the month, this apartment is the sole reason.

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Personally the couples are attractive and active.  But there is something about Nick always slapping Olivia's face to get her to do things like anal which her vocals do not indicate she enjoys.  perhaps I am reading it wrong and it is some sort of master/slave play but it is disturbing the watch the face slapping.  Would rather he did not do that. Just saying.

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10 hours ago, phantomtwister said:

just saw Olivia licking Nick's ass, that was hot

Olivia and Nick are definitely freaks who loves lots of sex, they almost have Masha and Sasha beat, but I think sooner or later Olivia and Nick may find them another couple to join in with them, I am hoping its Taya...lol  I also believe all of the slapping around that he "Nick" does with Olivia is part of there sexual fun and excitement "something like an aphrodisiac to get them started." I try not to miss much of these two, Olivia keeps Nicks balls drained...lucky man..LOL8)

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I don't think I've ever seen a couple who seem to enjoy so many different forms of sex. To say that they're "kinky" is putting it mildly. Olivia is really into  what could be called "rough sex" in that she likes to get swatted on the ass and lightly slapped on her tits and face. Nick plays right along. She's into bondage as well, confirmed yesterday when her hands were strapped behind her back during sex.  Vanilla sex must be boring to both.

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