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prostitute or not ?

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What is the difference between the prostitution and not prostitution ?
 Wikipedia say....With the term prostitution, it is the activity of those who offer sexual performance after been  payed with money.
In contrary, who makes sexual activities without payement is not prostitution.
Anyone who for any reason carries out sexual activity without cash compensation is not to be considered a prostitute.Then we come to the girls of B1 and B2. Obviously I'm doing the theory, because I have no proof of what they are doing out of the houses and even inside.I am referring to speeches made in this chat.
I take it as certain that there have been and there is money circulation between the girls (some) and wealthy men who organize parties.
So if that's what wikipedia says, How girls  have to be considerated ? Someone calls them "models" but the model profession is different. Even when this profession is at the beginning I do not find that such profession implies paid sexual performance. Of course I'm not a fool and I know how the world is going. Many girls offer their body to make a career but this is a personal fact, even in Cinema' world or TV world that happen and nobody can call prostitute a woman who is a program presenter,that I can not call prostitution. Sharing a sexual performance in change of a favour is like sharing a sexual performance in change of a dinner.

The moral of this discourse is that before you put "labels" on someone, you must be sure of what you say. otherwise you can fall in being indifferent
Thanks for the attention

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12 hours ago, rayjay6 said:

In short:

If payment is involved a girl is a whore. If she does it for fun she is a slut.

Neither funny nor true. If she does it for fun she is a free woman.

(This may not be a naturally feminist site, but I - for one - have no desire to read such dolt-headed opinions here. Please show some respect.)

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i agree... If she does it for fun she is a free woman.  right.. but i was talking about who sell sex, not who do it for free.

I respect all kinds of opinion only if people respect mine. Also i respect all kind of behavior of women but we have to call them with the right word.. if not we LIE.


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not a double standards...the law says clearly there are 2 different crime... first is prostitution... second is Promoting prostitution . that wat is in my country..

Trust me.. i think alot before typing on here.  im not an idiot :)

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Kind of hope that the women who sells sex is a free women aswell and she has made the choice to do what she does,sex sells always has done and always will and as long as nobody is forced to do it then feminists  shouldn't get involved but they probably will;D

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As a general topic, this may be worthy of discussion by anybody who actually cares.

In relation to the girls in b1 and b2, as mentioned in the original posting, or any of the other girls involved in the RLC project for that matter, why don't we not call them anything and mind our own business?

Despite being a theory which is regularly put forward by the same old same olds, it has no place here because it is IRRELEVANT.

Hands up all those whose viewing pleasure of any particular girl is affected by what that particular person may or may not get up to outside the apartment. .

Anybody? no? I thought not.

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Calling someone a prostitute describes a way they have of getting money - it does not necessarily describe your attitude to that.

Calling someone a slut does.

Unless rayjay6 meant to be funny - which I thought he did.    Perhaps he will let us know.

Sadly, there are some men/boys who seem to need to put women/girls down.    Is it possible in their cultures their wives and daughters only have sex with the one man all their lives, and these men only have sex with the one woman.   If they meet such standards and want to express their pride in it let them do so.    Everyone should express their opinion - but not by putting down others who choose to live by different standards.

My own experience of men who call women sluts is they (the men) want sex with different women but fail and in their disappointment resort to name-calling.    By the standards of those of us who want freedom of choice and freedom in society to pursue variety of sexual experience these men are sad losers.

But we should be open to all views and opinions, and be open to people making jokes without jumping on them, and be prepared to listen, Bobbil, whether others' views are dolt-headed or not.


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Who knows what happens outside the apartments?  All of the "facts" I see presented by some members is really theory and conjecture based, at best, on second hand information, then relentlessly flogged as the truth.  A prominent Nazi once said "If you tell a lie enough times, it becomes the truth".  For all we know, they may be hostesses at parties, where attractive women are paid to be present as "eye candy" for whomever is hosting the event.  Irma was a hostess for Alex the cell phone dude at some convention held in Barcelona, and I doubt that she's a technical expert on cell phone sales.  I'll also guess that she brought a lot of customers over to his booth. This is all assumtion, by the way.  Do you think that involved fucking prospective clients for his business?  

There are too many people in the chat room who state their opinions as fact, based on what they think might have happened off screen.  I only make comments on what I can see with my own two eyes, and if I have a theory, I state it as such.  Anything less than that is what we call "fake news".

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12 hours ago, toolmaker123 said:

And what does that make the guy she's doing it with?

Double standards. It makes the guy a Whore Master.

         Think about it !!

Tool123 am not making light of your comments. Your comment makes sense.

Seemed a better place to reply rather than commenting individually to other members.

 I was being sort of funny and not disrespectful in my comment concerning a woman being a whore or a slut. Sure a woman my be considered a "free woman" (I guess this is a new politically correct term as not to hurt someone's feelings) as some of you have stated (my term a slut). All women that are not married or attached in some way is a free woman. If she has a different guy every night or every weekend she is not just a free woman, she is a slut. If she asks or accepts payment for sex she is a prostitute or a whore. Prostitute or whore, what is the difference. One is a proper word and one is a slang word for what she is doing. Prostitute, whore and or slut can apply to men as well. 

Speaking of respect. @Bobbil I take offense to your comment "but I - for one - have no desire to read such dolt-headed opinions here. Please show some respect". Just because you do not like my comment I do not think you are very respectful calling it dolt-headed. I am not a dolt. Some of you guys are too sensitive and uptight. 

And @1brain1 I did not place labels on anyone. Just stating an opinion. You were speaking about the term "model" and many times the term "model" is used incorrectly to describe a prostitute. A prostitute is not going to advertise herself as such when prostitution is illegal in most developed countries. I do not know where you are but here in Texas and much of the USA prostitution is illegal but it goes on. Look at classified services called "Craig's List" and "backpage". There of pages of "Women Looking For A Man" and many are represented as models but are prostitutes. A legal loophole. Same for escorts. 

From what I have seen on RLC "B1" in particular about a year and a half or so there appeared to be one of the girls was lining up dates for some of the other girls. Some brought guys to the apartment for sex only. When the guy was done he did not return. So this lead me to believe the girls were prostituting themselves. I think some of the other RLCF members had the same opinion.

So in closing, everyone has an opinion and it should be respected though you may not agree. I do not always agree with everyone's comments or opinions here and I am not going to call them disrespectful names such as a "dolt" as I was called by @Bobbil.

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As is often the case, the answers to my post go beyond what I meant to mean. Then I would like to clarify better. My own does not want to be any criticism of the behavior of women in general, nor what the girls do in B1 / B2. I would like this to be very clear, each one makes of his own life what he wants as he is responsible for it. The question I originally had was lexical. If the definition given by vocabularies, specialized books and ultimately Wikipedia is what I reported in my first post, how do we define who makes their own body merchandise for sale? Whether male or female does not make a difference, only changes the term to define. All this seems to be academic but in reality we are all used to using a very ambiguous language. We end up "escorting" girls accompanying men to dinner or party salvo Then understand how to "escort" that sexy girl who in the end want to bring in bed and pay. I understand that this forum is not the right place to deal with this topic but often I read phrases that say and label people without knowing any truth. I am Italian and in my language there are many words to define who sells their body. Prostitute, slut, whore, are all terms that say the same thing. Thanks again.

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