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I see some gets up set when the girls or ladies bring in a guy "some times I do myself" depending on what was going on before they entered, especially when there is a good lesbian section about to take place, or an all girls party is going on and someone brings in a guy.

Do you think B1 and B2 should just be only girls or girls and boys?

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Guys at B1 & B2 rarely suit all the girls. Even if the guy and girl(s) go to a bedroom the others are likely to be uncomfortable and not want to be seen nude or just in undies or bedroom wear.

The second is the background of the guys. Are they just friends or is there some form of other arrangement?  The visits of some have been really creepy.

Last night at B2 the three girls were having fun when seemingly the arrangement suddenly changed. Nita didn't want to be involved so was confined to her room, at least it has the en-suite bathroom.

It was Vicky who seemed really happy and ended up going off with the guy for the night. Renata stayed around and her mind was muddled from the drinks they had been knocking back. As the Vicky and the guy was leaving this really hit her.

Had the guy not come nor Vicky just gone out what might have happened instead particularly if Renata had kept going? Nita given a massage then all three on the big bed? a three girl bath? fingering and toys? pussy licking? A three girl all-nighter in the big bed?

Overall while we don't regularly want empty bedrooms or complete apartments my view is activity with guys is best kept elsewhere.

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It's a very old story ...
Perhaps, it is to repeat what a thousand times has been commented, every so often to return on the same.
Yesterday, according to my sources, it was another of those "failed" parties. Everything seems to go on wheels, the girls trying to do some type of party / show, when suddenly, someone happens to invite, or perhaps, someone who is watching the show, you want to go into that party ... do not!
The parties where guys appear from nowhere, and bring drinks, and other things to "stimulate" the parties, is nothing new, and this I say for the newest ... is not a matter of lengthening on that issue, it would be too long...
Then we have, and I think the most important, it seems that many, are often forgotten, the girls to Barcelona, are invited, as a support house, while they have other businesses outside the house, is very different houses of couples, of the houses of Barcelona or rather, the houses where couples live together, to these houses, which could quietly be called the hostel or the hotel.
In return, the girls, show their nakedness, and little else.
If we reflect on the party last night ... not all the girls enter, as has been said, in the games in which boys participate, and everyone who draws their own conclusions.
As one French acquaintance said, if you know this world ... "that show is not new, the only thing that happens is that we all close our eyes, because nobody wants to recognize, that this world exists, although many people use it".

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Dear Vortios,

I am baffled by seeing the party in B2. I have no words to define the boy's behavior, he came suddenly as if he were his home. He was already ready to do what he did. he had already provided everything by bringing the things necessary to his (and only his) fun in the purse. He had a very despicable attitude, chewing gum all the time without even undressing to have sex. All this makes me think that everything was already set up. I also thought this guy was a Toy Boy paid by RLC to unlock an absolute B2 boredom. maybe not so but for sure RLC lost many points in the standings.

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  • 6 months later...

I will not tire the reader, always with the same tone.
It does not seem that I hate the boys who enter the houses, I think that this is not "hunting man"
No, I believe and I express myself for the show, which has, as we see its defenders and as not its detractors. To which more fanatic.
But last night, it could be another example and today's morning gives us an idea of what in my modest opinion they have been, and why not say it, the true promoter of fame that today has girls' houses, and of what today is when we have kids living or visiting boys in the girls' houses on a frequent basis-

First to tell them, and surely everyone will know why they would see the images, last night, the boy became angry, in the center of attention of the GP girls, an issue that should not have happened. On the other hand, we see that several GP girls do not feel comfortable, undressing in front of a boy, and it is also understandable, so I think that the level of nudity in the house, is at least, much less than if there was not a boy inside the house.

Second, that the presence of a man, boyfriend or not, in B2, makes the other girls, of course, not behave as naturally as we have seen other girls, when they have been in B2, before and there were no kids .
True, they also have works on the facade of the house, which caused RLC to disconnect the camera from the balcony. But as always RLC, it gives good information about that ... LOL

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On the subject of Males at either B2 or Girls Palace, I do not mind a visiting bf or someone a girl has brought home to meet her needs.  Everyone gets the itch on occasion.  I think the problem, and this is more a GP problem, is having males stay for weeks on end.  It simply alters the dynamic of the apt.  Overnight, on occasion, or coming over for a group dinner and dance, great.  Taking up residence for your 3 weeks of holidays, should not be allowed.  IMHO.

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