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Viki & Kate

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Great looks as though this is our 1st lesbian apartment but then we all thought Carrie & Linda was so only time will tell.

Oops hang on suddenly a bit of action already so maybe i spoke too soon, only kissing but getting there.

Not got any floor plans yet but they seem to be able to disappear from the cams somewhere suppose it may only be the loo.?

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2 hours ago, TheSashimy said:

There you go buddy :) 

Well there you go talk about having your cake and eat it eh lol.

By the way all that pissing about earlier de hairing their friend with wax etc surely shaving is a lot less hassle and time???

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Nice addition to the site. Seem like fun girls & their friend.
So we've already had waxing & a cam show,great!
However I do have a slight problem with their live monitoring of the comments on CC.
It might be all fun and games now, when CC are gushing over the new girls.But what happens when the nasty comments start?
I feel there needs to be a line drawn between 'everyday life' & the cam stuff.
If you keep on poking the wasp's nest........


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