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Anastasia & Rock have returned in a smaller place. The camera's,angles,positioning & focus need fine tuning though.
A little house warming party ensued with Anna & Alex,Dean & Candy & Lexy & Pete.The drink went down and it seemed to be generating into the usual affair.
Bizarre bit for me was Pete letting Dean have a good grope & suck of & Lexy's tits,I think Pete & Dean would have been happy for this session to have continued,but Lexy in English said, "we should go home now."
By the time A & A and L & P had left,Anastasia was drunk  & sexily dancing in her underwear with Candy.
Rock intervened in his parental role & tried to get Anastasia to behave. She did until there was only her & Candy on the LR sofa. She launched herself into Candy,kissing her,both lost there bra's, more passionate kissing & Anastasia had her hand down Candy's pants. They stopped themselves,and went to find Dean & Rock.

Rock in his usual way wanted to control Anastasia again,Dean was very drunk and waiting to see what was happening and fell asleep.
Anastasia was horny & dancing for Rock sitting in front of the camera, we got a great view of Anastasia's sexy dancing,obscured by his back! >:(
Candy tried in vain to wake Dean and I thought everything was winding down for the night........wrong!
Anastasia,Rock & Candy went into the bedroom for a threesome,I didn't expect that. Although A & R's first night at the old place ended in a threesome with Nyusha.
I had hoped that Candy & Anastasia would go at it,because it was obvious that they were both horny for each other,but a threesome with Rock? Wow!
I hope there is a return fixture this evening!

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I read this yesterday on Twitter,

Anastasia and Rock are waiting for Nyusha and a couple. We are waiting for a hot party!

So I was looking forward to it bearing in mind of recent events with Candy! The bloke from the couple I recognised from a party at Anna & Alex's old place.

I tried to log in late last night and VHtv wouldn't load. After consulting some of the folks in the Chatbox it seemed it was an issue for some, meanwhile in other areas of the world VH was working fine.

I also find out that Rockhead has allegedly punched Anastasia. So I want to get on the site so I can see what the hell happened.

Eventually it loaded, but Anastasia & Rockhead's apartment has gone from the apartment menu. It's been taken down.

Oh no it hasn't, other people have still got that apartment LIVE?

I sent VHtv a support ticket and got a stock response.

Good day.

there is some troubles with that realm. We hope to fix all soon. Sorry for inconvenience.

Derrr yeah I know 'there is some troubles' that's why I want to view the apartment !

I just tried going a different route and got this

Error 404 - Page not found

Please contact Support if you believe you should not be here.
Or send us a message to: [email protected]

I'm getting frustrated now with this. In regard to Rockhead,it's not as though we haven't seen this coming, ( for anyone not up to speed read some of the older post's ) I thought he had 'turned over a new leaf' in this new apartment. But the nasty,horrible drunk & controlling Rock is back. I don't know what drove him to punch Anastasia,but there is no excuse! I have no doubt that she was having fun, he got jealous and tried to 'control his woman' and when that hasn't worked he decided to reinforce his position as the alpha-male. Neanderthal twat! That is just speculation on my part, I might have an idea if the A & R apartment wasn't invisible to me at this moment in time. Sending a new support ticket.



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  • StnCld316 changed the title to Anastasia

Disappointed, that's what I am feeling today,mainly about the Anastasia & Rock saga from the weekend.
I was frustrated that I could not log in to VHtv when this evening/incident was ongoing.
I was disappointed that when I could log in after Rock had gone and the apartment was in Anastasia's name only,it was too late to watch the timeline to see what happened during in the incident.
What started it,who was to blame,what occurred & what was the fall out.

I was doubly disappointed to log in last night and see Rockhead at Anastasia's,will that girl ever learn?

But what I am most disappointed in is the fact that this Fan page has not been updated at all.
No summary of the events even though quite a few people experienced tech problems that night,yet others had the action LIVE?
There was more to that night other than the violence.Ana,Rock,Ny,Kevin,Dean & Candy and the other couple.
Nothing at all, no blow by blow account,no apportioning blame,no screen grabs,nothing.etc
I am getting worried about the future of RLCF if no-one can be bothered to write up happenings/events on these sites for those that didn't see them.
So now no-one on RLCF has any information to pass on, or opinions or points of view, really?....wow.....we're doomed.

(copied to the VHtv General chat section too.)

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And now on RLCF FM,lets bring the mood down a little.

Last night saw Misty & number 40 something or other.... show up with a friend. Drinks,dancing, you could see which way Misty wanted this evening to go.
And it was sort of going that way,the girls danced as the men threw money at them.....all a bit tacky if you ask me.

The last thing Anastasia needs right now is a friend like Misty.The VH management need to take this apartment down for a week so Anastasia can sort herself out.
The other bloke has crashed out in the bedroom leaving Misty,40+ and Anastasia in the LR.
It was probably the mix of booze & the eventful the past few days catching up with her.Anastasia sat in front of the laptop listening to/watching a video. The track must have some memories for her,she broke down in tears.

Create an account to see this content!

Misty went to comfort her,probably thinking this evening is now ruined.
Anastasia took herself off for a smoke. Floods of tears,sobbing. Truly a heartbreaking sight.
I imagined her thinking, 'what has my life become?','where am I going?' etc. A little girl lost.
And in the bleak mid-winter, this was all a bit emotionally raw.

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  • StnCld316 changed the title to Anastasia, Nyusha
  • 1 month later...
  • 1 month later...

Away Fixture Match Report.
The next night saw them all at Anastasia's place. They had a nice sociable evening in the company of Nyusha & Ronny.
As soon as they went to the bedroom Lexy,Pete & Anastasia started their party in the LR.

Create an account to see this content!

Probably the most erotic,sexy,passionate,considerate & genuine sessions I have seen on VH.
It was caring & loving, no violence towards the women,no aggressive sex like we have seen on so many occasions.
There is a real bond between this trio,certainly I think Anastasia experienced a man who treated her with respect & not like a sex doll.
There was no wham bam,thank you ma'am here.
Round after round between them and while Pete fucked Anastasia several times Lexy watched, encouraged & joined in. What a woman!

Lexy makes herself cum as she watches Anastasia riding Pete.

Lexy's turn.

The bonus is that Lexy has to translate for Pete so there was a lot of 'she said...' which gives us a greater understanding of the situation.

At the end of this session in the LR she asked Anastasia, 'are you fucked?',Anastasia only had enough energy left to raise her thumb in acknowledgment.She had been,well & truly.

There was still time for another quickie in the kitchen before they called it a night.
A sweet moment in the kitchen when Anastasia said,'when they (Ny & Ronny ) wake up,she will tell them both before this day I didn't know how to live.'

They eventually settled down to sleep at 6am,Pete in the middle,cuddled by both girls.

PS,There was a couple of afternoon sessions in the bedroom later that day.
(See Lexy & Pete's page for the previous nights match report.)


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  • StnCld316 changed the title to Anastasia

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