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Bree & Drew

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Drew & Tara go on leave? Tara is out of the project.
And Bree is left alone in the apartment to stew.
Ok she might welcome some peace & quiet & space.
But when I had a look in earlier she was sobbing into a pillow.

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I adore Bree, but I never want to see this beautiful,vibrant,sexy woman in that state.
I am worried as to what is going on with her at the moment.

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Drew has had a shave & a haircut (.....two bits!)
Bree & Drew had a nice evening having some drinks & playing cards.
Drew won the first game so Bree had to change into something sexy.

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The game continued, they chatted & even had some laughs.

It was great to see Bree smiling again, there have been too many tears recently.
They ended up sharing the bed,nothing happened,but at least this is a step forward.
Is this a thawing of the ice between them,or what? I suppose we will have to wait & see.


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So this was VHtv's announcement of the inevitable news.

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I know it was on the cards,but really! A Small message & a shitty gif as a send off to one of the premier league couples.
Absolutely shite! What are you all too busy putting up new apartments?
Now I know I'm biased as I have always been a fan of these two,especially of Bree.
And I know their apartment has been failing for a while,but c'mon!
VHtv should have done much better job here.Was it too much effort to put up a nice pic & a genuine message of thanks & support to them?

Bree & Drew. Thank You both for your participation on VHtv.
I wish you both well for the future in whatever you do.
And, here's to the good times!


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