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Bree & Drew

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B & D have visitors. Anna & Alex and Anastasia & Nyusha.
Looks like they might be sofa surfing whilst they wait for their new place?

Anastasia chats with Anna, she becomes very tearful.
Anna gives a shoulder to cry on, advice and comfort. Anna is wise beyond her years.

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PS. Just as a side note, I will be watching the interaction between Bree & Nyusha, there is some history there. I hope it stays friendly, but if Ny & Drew go anywhere near each other that might change. However, if Misty turns up,it will kick off.



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For the past few weeks Bree & Drew's friend Curly has been staying with them. The poor sod tried to get some with Anastasia when she was staying there, he failed.
Then their friend Tara turns up. A drunken night saw lots of play fighting between them, but nothing happened. He fell asleep & Drew had a nice fumble under the covers with Tara.
Later Curly tried again,he failed again. It was obvious to me that Tara's only interest was in Drew.
The other night Tara & another friend visited, the friend fell asleep in the LR, Bree,Drew,Curly & Tara took the party to the BR for a game of Spin the bottle Dares.
It went on & on and didn't really get anywhere, with Curly being a fish out of water again, and standing in front of one of the cams which annoyed the hell out of me.
I'm not sure what happened but Curly got dressed and left the apartment.
Half an hour later with Bree,Drew & Tara sharing the bed it all kicked off....Wow!

To paraphrase Dean Martin.
"How lucky can one guy be? I kissed her then she kissed Bree.
A thought went through our head,let's break springs on this bed."

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A fantastic threesome happened and I have no doubt that Tara experienced the best sex she has ever had!
The noises both girls were making was great.And what a fantastic body Tara has!

After a couple of rounds Bree finished herself off & got up to go sleep in the LR whilst Drew & Tara continued.

I don't think Bree was pissed off at Drew for showing more attention to Tara than her, I just think she was done.

After Tara finished off Drew with a BJ and mouthful, Drew texted Bree to come back to bed, she did.

There was no animosity from anyone. Bree & Drew are back to form after their self imposed break from swinging and it was great,long may this continue!

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He's a sly old sod that Alex. He turned up at Em & Sid's yesterday to supervise a door being fitted.
The bad news for him is that Em & Sia had gone out.(yet to return)
Alex stayed the night in the Guest room.
Meanwhile he has turned up at Bree & Drew's,where Tara is visiting again.
As advertised on Twitter.

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Speaking as a Brit. I find the use of our flag by Russian types a little politically insensitive bearing in mind current events! (allegedly C:-) )
(*satirical humour, plank drops mic, stomps off stage left.)
If she is going to drape our flag around herself,she should be naked at least!
Bree & Curly slept in Bree's bed with a buffer zone down the middle of the bed in case Curly should stray.

Whilst Drew & Alex tried to 'entertain' Tara. Is this all part of the interview process? I mean really? Drew & Alex v Tara, damn that would be cruel!
I wonder how Anna is?

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Matt (the artiste formerly known as Curly) has finally got a girl-friend! Yayyy! He seems to be getting plenty at the moment, hopefully this will put an end to his wandering hands with Tara &/or Anastasia.
And hopefully put an end to his yearning for Bree, mind you I am guilty of that !
Tara is still at the apartment & sharing the bed with Drew & Bree. Nothing has happened since that great threesome event.

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From VHtv's Twitter;

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I hope this give Bree & Drew some time to rekindle their relationship because recently it hasn't been good. And Tara being in the apartment isn't helping.

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Heads up ! Lexy & Pete are visiting Bree & Drew & Tara.

*Also Dean & Candy & Heather. Nothing much has happened yet, although Pete & Heather are showing some interest in each other.

Edited by Plank
*update info
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Not very much to report from the other nights party really, but I think it's worth sharing some pics and comments.
I liked seeing the relationship between this group of friends,really enjoying each others company,Heather seemed to fit it very nicely.
Although I do have my concerns about Tara, and Drew seems to have gone from being a cool, fun guy to Mr.Grumpy at the moment. Bree & Lexy spent a long time discussing stuff, I wonder if some of that was the subject of Drew?

A drunk 'Lil Heather, the pocket rocket kept everyone entertained,especially Pete.She also changed outfits three times.
Heather flirts with Pete and tries to speak a little English.

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Pete makes a move on Heather while Lexy talks to Dean in the kitchen and grumpy Drew eats.

Things eventually got going with a dare card game,two teams of the girls versus the boys & Heather, who by this point of the party didn't have a clue what was going on.
Tara was a pain in the ass. She passed out on the LR sofa in the middle of the party & despite encouragement from Bree for her to go to the bedroom she didn't.
Which meant that the party had to revolve around her spread out on the sofa.
As the rest of the group get to grips with the game,Pete gets to grips with Heather.

The dare was something about Candy having to kiss all the other players.Heather takes this as an instruction to take her clothes off?
Everyone finds it funny,except grumpy Drew, Pete signals to Lexy that it's nothing to do with him.

Candy kisses Heather.

The kiss between Candy & Lexy went on for longer than it needed to,Dean & Heather noticed.

I noticed that Dean & Candy and Drew vanished from the cams to somewhere within the apartment for the best part of an hour?
They didn't leave the apartment as on their return they were still dressed as they were when they vanished?
Meanwhile Lexy & Bree carry on talking as Pete gets stuck into Heather.

Pete gets in a pile with Bree,Lex & Candy,lucky sod!

Lexy & Heather kiss as Dean & Candy chat.A little while later Heather returns the favour & gives Pete a bj assisted by Lexy.

The Twitter announcement  last week said that they were going away for a week starting 28th. It's now early hours of the 30th and Bree is asleep on the sofa in the LR?


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