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Polly, Valery

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First impressions.
Ray need to stop playing to the cams & behaving like a rock star,it's already becoming crass.
Although he is a lucky sod. The other night he entertained Polly who seems like a cutie.
And yesterday he has introduced us to the very attractive Valery, he had girls girls working on him early yesterday evening!

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Before Polly removed herself and let Ray & Vallery carry on.
Polly has done a first for VHtv, certainly that I can recall. Entertaining a black guy,or should that be a man of African origin, or a non-pink person?

Difficult to call these days when people are waiting to be offended.Fkin' libtards!

The camera angles and lighting need sorting out in this place, then it could be a star apartment.

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Polly & Ray continue with their strange relationship which involves random sex & rope play...no I've no idea either?

They have just had a 'bollocking' (British terminology for disciplinary action ) for a female guest covering two of the LR cams.

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On 4/30/2018 at 4:16 PM, Plank said:

Oh dear Polly is not well, the poor girl is in a lot of pain. :(

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She can hardly move & struggled to get dressed.

Maybe all that rope-play last night was a bad idea?
 A Paramedic arrived, he remained professional and was not screwed.

PS. She left with the Paramedic.

Remained professional and was not screwed... Brilliant LOL

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