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Whitney & Jerar

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And right on cue, a quickie session in the LR.
The most unenthusiastic sex I have ever seen on any voyeur type site.
It was a chore to her,an attitude of, 'oh,just get on with it', as she carried on watching tv.
I'm not asking for, nor demanding, rampant Olympic level sex,but that was pathetically staged & fake.

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And when it was over,no emotion she went to wash-up.

* back to sleeping in different rooms?

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A foursome at Jerar & Whitney's.
You would expect that I would have lots to say on the subject & lots of pics.
Not this time.
Whitney is grade A fake and that is all you need to know.
Two questions. Why the f*** did she agree to be part of VHtv?
And why the f*** does Jerar tolerate this horrible brat?
Get shot of them now.

PS. The guests were great. Keep them get rid of J & W


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