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Zack & Blonde

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  • 4 weeks later...

Who doesn't like a ball sucker and a cock sucker? This girl kept going for his balls to suck. Huh, I do find that very attractive in a girl - lol. Many pics added for your viewing pleasure because I enjoyed it until they headed to the bedroom to finish off. Such a good girl - mmmmm.


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'There is now pretty much the same routine in Zack & Blondes place. Zack meets hot girl Jade while Blonde is with Leonie. We hope to see some more hot parties there in the future.'
Yeah, where do I begin.I will admit that I am slightly jealous of these guys because I yearn to be back in my 20's,fit & have an array of girls to have fun with.

However, I despise all their 'sex as a contact sport' approach.Such as the other night Zack's treatment of Selma,determined that she should deep throat him. Now ok she know's the game and was up for some fun,but it was a bit rough.
Same for the treatment of Courtney & Heather. And yes both of them can play games & drive guys nuts but the,sometimes, brutality of Z & B and some of their friends, for me is too much.


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Oh dear god! Tonight Zack & Blondie & Tattoo'd guy had a new girl visit.
They got her slaughtered drunk,Blondie took himself to bed.
Meanwhile Tatt & Zack try their luck.
She resists.They carried on,she breaks away,returns and everyone starts to settle down.
Once the girl is asleep,Tatt has his hand down the back of her pants,rubbing her up, gets his floppy dick out & starts playing.
Zack,although seemingly asleep is aiding Tatt by pulling an ass cheek so Tatt can try to screw her.
Zack encourages Tatt to try to get the girls top off...at that point the apartment was taken offline.

In my country,multiple counts of sexual assault,attempted rape.
They might also argue that the intent was there to get the girl wasted so they could all take advantage,therefore premeditated.
Either or all = 7 years jail time & the sex offenders register for life.

It is time that Zack & Blondie and some of their mates went permanently from VHtv.
I feel sorry for their girlfriends,especially Blondie's who is used as a cum dump.He masturbates to porn while he is screwing her.
About as subtle as a sledgehammer!


@Voyeur House TV This sort of behaviour can not be tolerated!


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From your description of today's attempt and previous actions by the guys it would be apparent to me that VHTV owners/management allow leniency in the behavior of some. Obviously not much ground rules to abide by. No warning to tone down some aggressive behavior or even the appearance of being aggressive with sex partners. Perhaps VHTV uses this as good advertising knowing some subscribers like this type of activity - sure they lose tenants but quickly replace them while subscribers stay tuned for hopefully more of this. Maybe VHTV is trying to stay one-up on the other sites - think about it. Some subscribers do get itchy for a bit more - especially if it might stiffen the cock as they watch. VHTV has the responsibility for the girls'/tenants' safety and well-being and should hand over all evidence to the police on their own even if it puts the business at risk. In my opinion, VHTV is a poorly run business and leans toward "crossing the lines" for viewers and potential subscribers while putting some women in jeopardy.

I watched Amy and Jane fighting, arguing, wrestling each other and crying for quite a while before it finally went offline. I think either Amy or Jane made the call on their to VHTV to pull the plug - don't know who is who. Obviously no one monitors the apartments - only wait for complaints to pour in.


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