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Kathy & Molly

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  • 4 weeks later...
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'Kate is now back in a new nice place but she broke up with Andrew.Instead of Molly a friend of her is now living there.
We hope that the bad cam placements and bad quality together with all tech issues there will be fixed soon because it could be an interesting place now with the two girls.'

And the cams are better.

Last night saw Molly being caressed by Kate as Kate's new bloke screwed her doggie-style.It was going great,until new bloke pushed his luck and started to screw Molly.BIG mistake.

Kate left the room went to the bathroom & sobbed.Later they all ended up in the bath trying to resolve things.Kate's bloke has more than made up for it today however,lucky sod.

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And the 'Lucky Sod of the Night Award' goes to.....whatever his name is,mustachio guy/Molly's bf?
Kate had gone to bed.

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Molly and bloke had other ideas.
They woke her up by dripping wax on her,....ok,......I prefer coffee personally, but whatever?
Anyway,Molly & guy got started as Kate watched.

It wasn't long before Kate got involved.Session 1.

After a snack break,session 2. He's not finished with Kate yet!

He even had enough left in the tank to have another go at Molly later.
As I said,lucky sod!

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  • StnCld316 changed the title to Kathy & Molly

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