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"Lesbian Girls."

Scorpio 22

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3 minutes ago, Pleasant said:

It's a very valid point which has been discussed before. Basically, they're acting. I bet most don't even hear anything from the other ones once they leave.

They are doing a job no matter what some people think. Some are just willing to take it further than others.

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3 hours ago, WhySoSerious? said:

No matter if you are a member of RLCF or CamCaps or both the best comments always come from the girls apartments. Doesn't surprise me that so many men get fleeced because some are so gullible. :D ::)

That is probably because so many of the men actually want to be a lesbian themselves (all-you-can-eat-pussy buffet) - lol.

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On ‎10‎/‎16‎/‎2018 at 11:38 PM, iloner said:

The more open you are to the experience the more you get out of it.

Applies to both us voyeurs and the girl actors.    

Girls are more emotional in their friendships.

While some of us guys are just insensitive.

Maybe the more gullible you are the more you get out of it.

Credit for admitting they are acting.

Girls/women are smart and know how to make money.

Some guys are just realistic.

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