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Kiramy & May

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  • 3 weeks later...

Maybe I'm a dense Plank but isn't K & M supposed to be a lesbians apartment?
From what I have seen so far, I'm not sure it is.
Alan & Evie came to visit,I don't know much about them because every time I have looked in their place there is nothing going on.
Anyway they came to visit May tonight.
From the start Alan was very friendly towards May & Evie didn't seem to mind.

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Evie settles down for the night,Alan says g'night to May,no wonder he is smiling.

Once Alan is sure that Evie is asleep he goes to the bedroom.

Yes mate,we've noticed.

The fun begins.

At least he is going to wear a condom.

All change.I'm glad to see that band of gold on the third finger left hand isn't hampering his performance.

Just check how we look in the mirror.

I think she enjoyed that. Also checking that he did use a condom & that it worked,smart girl!

Phwwwwoar !

As they bask in the afterglow & watch the phone,

Evie is awake.

As they continue to watch the phone,

Evie is checking hers.

When A & E left there were hugs all round so it's safe to assume that Evie knew all about it.
Maybe that is part of the Vhtv contract,that you can shag who you want,when you want,irrespective of your relationship status?

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Come to think of it, it does appear that VHTV lesbians are actually bisexual and partake of both pussy or cock. Could be just a ploy to get an apartment or VHTV playing games with subscribers by pretending to include lesbian tenants. From what I see with respect to VHTV - anything goes which includes intermingling of apartment tenants. To me, VHTV doesn't come across as being anywhere close to resembling real life. It is more like how we might fantasize the way our sex life should be (wishful thinking). That is why I have a hard time following the apartments or who is with who or when will tenants soon leave or move to another apartment or who they will shack up with next.

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So, are the apartment tenants FAKE LESBIANS, FAKE BISEXUALS or FAKE HETEROSEXUALS? Don't know, don't care but does VHTV provide a FAKE PRODUCT/SERVICE? I am sure even the names are fake. Glad I don't follow any tenant's personal lives because they live complicated fucked up lives which will lead to issues that will affect their lives. Seeing a cock in a mouth or tongue eating pussy is the only thing real to me and what matters to me. Girls showing a sexy tease is enough for me. By the way, has anyone seen a fake gay guy?


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