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Bed party last night featured all 7 girls, and new girls Salma and Daisy both got in the way of the camera angles and had to be moved to one side a few times.

Salma is up for a good time and sent Oksi off to clip her finger nails before she was allowed to poke Salma's pussy, although by the time she came back the mood had moved on and Salma went off to bed.

Which left new girl Daisy casting some sneaky glances at the others as they humped and heaved and kissed, and she tried to work out what to do.

Bath time, and she slipped in in bra and pants, self-conscious about her tits, again watching.     Dalia had eyes only for Anita.    Sandra didn't seem interested and Oksi seemed scary.     Her bra came off.   She slid along the back of the bath and ended at the opposite end alongside Lily.     They kissed.    They stroked.   Anita noticed, and Sandra looked across a few times, warningly.

Yep.   Daisy is interested.        

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Daisy now visiting the vacationing apartment with Karina, seems to have gotten herself into a little bit of trouble with Frank and Jenn's visiting male friend.  Seems she couldn't wait to open up and put some fire into the house by letting this guy touch her, and who has now being an out of control ASS and animal with her.  Seems this guy wants his monies worth and from the looks of things he just may get it...weather Daisy wants to pay UP or not.  "Warning Warning...now is the time for RLC to step in before this guy becomes really more out of control with Daisy."....I feel he is or may be trouble."...she doesn't seem to happy with the  welling hard DICK!!  I guess that's what you get when you play with FIRE!!! LOL   Looks like a DATE RAPE well be taking place tonight!!!!8)

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Another night bringing in the New Year....and Daisy and Karina shows up at the GP apartment...."Daisy who some viewers thought was about to be attacked  or may have behind the cams by her new male friend and one of Jenn and Franks friends also showed up."  I don't think that this guy doesn't know what the word NO means....and I don't understand why he is at the GP apartment tonight around the other ladies...."I now see this guy trying to bark up Mila asshole....he doesn't seem to care as long as he scores.  I well be waiting to see the out come.   "Question: Why would Daisy bring an aggressive Dog in heat to all female party?"8)

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I had Daisy down as a girl who might be into girls - yes, ever hopeful -  so I was amazed at how patiently she dealt with this arsehole the other night.   The others tried to calm him down, calling him Ben.    

I missed last night (and most of today to be honest - alcohol was taken), but based on the one night's evidence Ben seemed to have an expectation, and aggressively pursued it.

I agree with what my friend above hints at - Occasionally men turn up and hang around as though they have paid for access.     And the girls have to put up with it.

Mind you, I've just noticed that on this occasion Ben is still hanging about at the Holiday Apmt, which might mean that he is a friend of Jenn and Frank's, and Daisy put up with his behaviour as a favour to them.

Jumping to conclusions on RLC is a mug's game!

What a nice girl Daisy is!   

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