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Fan Page Jenn & Frank

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I toned in to catch Jenn, Frank and Serafima sleeping in the same bed half dressed....."I guess after Serafima gave Jenn a half ass rub down last night, she took the "KIDS" out and got them drunk and they came back home and slept in the same bed..lol..." I do believe we are going to get another fake drama story started in the vacationing apartment...lol...starting and producing Serafima and others to come from the B1 apartment in sections. LOL  When well they try and do something different with these people...."if they are going to use them in there scripts...at least do something different then the last class they gave!!!  "Serafima I like you and your sexy but..go back to B1 and work on your lines and try again next week, Jenn and Frank looks and act old enough to be your brother and sister." LOL8)

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On 12/26/2018 at 9:57 PM, mikeusa said:

jenn and frank. had b1 over amira and Karina they did there pg 13 show with kissing and some Spanking. to me, it looks like it was staged. 

They're certainly not worth no $44.95 a Month.  A Buck a Week is more than they're worth.   :D

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On 12/29/2018 at 6:33 AM, Wazzer said:

jeff goldblum bullshit GIF

And this apartment well continue to be that way, until the B1 "GIRLS" stop doing call "Girl" shows there!!  I don't understand why they have to always use these couples in there fake shows, instead of trying to bring B1 up to level, more like watching two or three hired call girls come and play games with young kids weekly, I do think its time for these ladies to do some upgrading and stop the same weekly bull shit script, "wouldn't it be much easier to "once everyone ate...just give the guy a lap dance and then take his lady in another room and feel up on her then call it a day then go home..lol....Yes its entertaining....."but boring as HELL TOO!!8)

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