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Show Apartments Vs VHTV Apartments!


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8 hours ago, Wazzer said:

Would love for some to explain the difference between the Show Apartments on RLC (E&S, MSD, J&D, B1,2,3,4) and VHTV Apartments and how one is more porn than the other! 

"E&S, MDS, J&D." Cheap unrehearsed porn......"B1, GP apartment and vacation apartment..."rehearsed porn, but bad actors and actress." LOL8)

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Looks to me like VH is just a straight forward cam show, whereas some on rlc attempt to put in 'storyline' scenarios.

Like those Readers Digest stories - 'His best friend came round to keep her company while he was away. The drinks flowed and as she confided in him, they grew closer.....'

Or maybe 'She kept sticking the middle finger up to subscribers by taking him to the hidden room, to keep the suspense up for the next frigging night' :rolleyes:

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I think the biggest difference between the cam shows and the "real life" shows is that those in the latter tend to not stare at the cameras (other than Chloe and Kitty which is why I don't watch them).  Leora puts on a show, but rarely looks at the camera so it has the illusion of being real.  For me, there's no bigger turn off than the people I'm watching stopping what they're doing to read comments. 

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I'm sure there was once a rule that they weren't allowed the interact with the cams, there was one at the original Barca place that flipped the bird at the living room cam and was soon out. But kitty can put on actual cam shows and it's ok now apparently. One apartment that really should be changed.

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Ok, i don't want to come across all White Knight here, but i question these tenants so called 'Love' for their partners. Why is it that we see people like J&D, MSD and E&S seemingly having the need to get involved with someone else. Why is that person they live with and is supposedly their partner not enough? If someone here lives with their girlfriend and she was getting off with others on a regular basis, would you accept it? Wouldn't you be thinking if they thought more of the other one than you? Take jane right now, when she goes with Dick, does it ever cross her mind that he thinks (in both senses) more about the attention seeking pr**k teaser than her? Why does he have to look for someone else to mess with when he's with her? Why does Sasha have to have Dasha when he is meant to be Masha's boyfriend? How strong is a couple's relationship when they are constantly on the lookout for other men/women to sleep with? I know you will say "Oh, there's loads of open relationships everywhere", but i can't see how they can be trustful at all. Especially when it happens so often with so many different people on rlc!! Some places have them queuing up!! 

That's why i'm more than a little sceptical about just how 'Real' some people's so-called relationships are. Are they together just for the cams and contracts?

It's not that far fetched is it?

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