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Not a good idea to have an event as Brenda's new apartment party kicks off .

Reluctant curvy friend comes over for pizza & a 'dare's' game.

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Camera is two miles away & has no VHtv logo.

Resistance is futile.

He's getting frustrated because she won't play the game.

Ooh hello.

Double-decker, & no he didn't,maybe next time?

Even though she has tried to ignore it,Curvy is very aware of the cams


A massage to finish off.


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Fair warning, this post & pics are huge. Cut into two parts, and I've cut a lot of it.

One of the best party/swapping/orgy sessions we've seen for a long time.

All couples involved had a helluva lot of fun.

Part1 of 2

Start your engines.

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I don't know why this cute girl stays with this shithouse of a man.
He seems to prefer to spend most of his time screwing some,(and I've got to be careful here with my choice of words, as not to offend women)rough as construction workers boots.
Lilka gets kicked out of her own bed so he can carry on. I don't know what hold he has over her but it is abusive.
We have seen previous parties where it has all gone pear shaped due to too much booze,recreational's, flakey fucked up individuals or a combination of all.
Tonight's mass gathering ended when some guy jumped on Jakar, I think it was meant to be playfully but Jakar kicked off,talk about a hair trigger!. He needed to be restrained by various people.
Looked to me as though the guy who jumped on Jakar could have ended up with a dislocated shoulder or maybe a fractured arm/wrist.Lilka looked absolutely mortified by the events.
There are two options here.
1.Keep Lilka and throw Jakar out on his arse.
2.Shut the apartment down.


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Another party/orgy at the weekend with 9/11 people crammed into the bedroom,one camera offline/broken that has not been replaced/fixed for nearly a week.

Bathroom camera covered up,and eventually the apartment went offline when the loggia cam was covered & the timelines wiped?

Someone needs to make a decision here,before this all blows up spectacularly.

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