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  • 2 weeks later...

Looks like another night for the Drunks and their sex toy "Viola".."as the days pass Kylie seems more into Viola then she does Rus, and Rus seems to want to fuck both, but both girls seems to be playing the blue ball game with the slow thinking house drunk stud...lol...I wonder what's going to happen when Rus start fucking Viola much better then he does Kylie,  I remember Rus did have some alone time with Gina who would give it up to anyone even Leo for a drink,  and I also remember when Kylie tried to fuck one of the twins while Gina and Rus went to the store for more booze...lol....and neither twin wasn't having it,  now I am wondering what in the hell do they see in Viola...besides her tits....she is Shot...UP!!!!  Well for the next 6 month's...our new Three Drunks Stooges. LOL8)

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9 minutes ago, mikeusa said:

Now we know they add other girl in this apartment.

I am curious!!! "but why"....unless she is there to keep them from dying of alcohol poisoning." ...something they seem to do every day is drink as in their last stay. LOL8)

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7 minutes ago, secert1 said:

Were they go all of sudden

Probably to the nearest open bar to celebrate their staged "threesome" show!!!  Those two are very comical when it comes to real life living, and now an addition "Viola"....I think they well kept viewers watching, but in a different way...lots of laughter!!! LOL8)

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