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Marcy & Diego

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Funny has some girl-time with Diego's raven haired friend.

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And why has Raven been spending time with Funny? Diego is too busy playing a game.

That awkward moment when....

Have a go.

This is one of those conversations. " You'd rather play on a game than play with me?"

Or has she realised that he is a bellend that has also been screwing the cute blonde girl as well as her?




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  • 2 weeks later...

Funny left the apartment to go over to Kira & Emily's place. (Have a look at their page.)

Raven (as I am calling her,until the dept of names comes up with something) arrived with a load of stuff. ? Moving in ?

Cheeky !

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She made herself at home.

By the time she had finished in the bath, Funny had returned from her adventures.

I don't know why you're smiling? You're on the sofa.


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Looks like it's VHtv's turn to piss me off?

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At least we have a name for raven haired girl now, Marcy.

Interesting that Funny has left for 'personal reasons' yet we have this.

So there is Funny being used by Kira to prop up her & George/Nina's apartment viewing figures?

I'm not going to post any pics of that,Funny had about as much fun as cleaning out the cat litter tray.

I wish Funny success in what ever she does and I hope we see her return one day. Hopefully on a different managers team.

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  • StnCld316 changed the title to Marcy & Diego

I see that Funny turned up at Sina & Jules for a massage today. No extras,Sina was lurking menacingly.

But Funny has 'left the project',what via Kira & Sina's? Maybe we should place bets on where G-dog & Nina's firefighter will turn up next.

She was at Ilka & Sam's last week where nothing happened really,probably not Hugo & Bev's especially after Hugo accidentally stuck his cock in the mouth of a girl they were entertaining,much to the fury of Bev,and trust me,you don't ever want to piss off a redhead! So Alan & Ada's? Alan seems keen to stick his dick in anything female without any concern for Ada's feelings. Unless they are 'lesbian',when he will settle for a quick BJ.

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