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Sofia & Mickey

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  • StnCld316 changed the title to Sofia & Mickey

Opening night party for Sofia & Karim  Mickey.

Gathering of the crew,they look like they are having so much fun that they can barely contain their excitement.

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A few stupid party games and everyone went home. When you consider some of the players here,this has got to be the worst opening night in the history of VHtv.

50 Shades of Beige!

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Mel & Serg and a guest couple visit.I was going to say that it was nice to see Serg & Mel.....yeah...read on.

The games started and it was obvious that the blonde guest girl wasn't into it at all and couldn't wait to leave despite a pep-talk by Serg.

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They left,so did Mickey & Mel,they returned with Dough-boy,Mel's sometime fuck buddy.
As he got a haircut from Mickey, Mel was showing Sofia some pics/videos on her phone.

I don't know what Sofia heard or saw but she was not happy at all and went batshit crazy.

Serg stayed out of it for a while until Mel looked for some support.

The screaming match between Sofia & Mel eventually dragged in Mickey.

Mel screamed at Sofia,& tried to get Mickey on her side,but there was no way Sofia was going to give an inch.

Dough-boy did the wise thing and stayed silent,he was summoned by Serg to leave as Mel got her stuff together whilst still arguing with Sofia.

I have no idea what that was all about,who was at fault or the rights & wrongs but there is going to have to be some serious bridge building here.


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