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Girls Play 08-06-20

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Could also try camarads.com for curiosity. This site is more laid back with the appearance of "real life" which can get boring to watch since it is not porn style. Some girls do cam plus the tenants know the cameras are there but don't shove their naked spread eagle asses intentionally in front of the cams. This site, I would say, does tend to resemble the closest of how RLC was in their early years in terms of sexy outfits, half naked, totally naked and a somewhat normal life (with the exception of some girls camming the odd time or parading around naked for the cams to entice viewers and subscribers). Not perfect but just another option to look at over a few days or weeks to observe and decide for yourself. Comparing all sites gives you a better understanding of how each site is and which gives you the best voyeur tease. Another site voyeurhouse.com is a bitch to navigate through rooms and I get way too many popup ads so I ignore this one. Basically, I tour through VHTV, RLC and Camarads in hopes of catching something that suits "my" needs as a voyeur.

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13 hours ago, TenXRing said:

Thanks for posting this. Who are these two? I only know about the folks on RLC. I've heard about VHTV but never checked in to joining it. How would you say that it compares to RLC?


I don't have a clue who they are.  The names are on the Apartment but which one is which is hard to say.

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