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Allison & Roger

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Huge post in two lumps. Lump 1/2
I am always slightly apprehensive when VHtv's twitter page advertises 'a party at.......', because we have been let down before,and it has all turned to shit.
But here is the standard promo pic,but from our view.
You can spot Allison in the middle,she has a face like a smacked arse.

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And then it all went a bit weird,lots of comings & goings,secretive chats between people,
Lydia & Maren on the bed,Marianne & Apollo in the loggia, Athena chatting in the kitchen.
Meanwhile Allison & Roger sat in the lounge wondering why do we have to let our apartment be used by this lot so they can 'party'?
But nothing happened for nearly five hours,thankfully Lydia & Loki & Marianne are never shy in coming forward.





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Lump 2/2.
Look who decided to join in,Athena & Apollo.

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Lydia stripping Athena,Marianne getting stuck into Apollo.

Lydia assists Marianne.

Loki shoots his load,he & Marianne leave the room.

Watching the action is Karel.

He can't resist a squeeze.

At this point Apollo almost ruins it all as he tries to shove Athena's head into Lydia's crotch,as we know,she's not ready for that yet. (see Mira & Henry's page)

She let him know she wasn't pleased.

And just when it was all getting interesting,it went offline. 🤬

Karel allegedly doing something slightly illegal in front of the bathroom cam............one of these days they will learn.

As I said above,these advertised 'party' nights have a habit of going to shit!

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