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Milagra & Antonio

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

In case you were wondering what the drama-llama-ding-dong is with these two,it goes like this.
A few nights ago Milagra turned up at Marta's with Anita's male friend,(don't know his name & don't care.)
There were drinks and games,a bit of topless massage between the girls,that was it.
Meanwhile Anita arrives at Antonio's,after a while of cards & horse play in underwear, they ended up having a couple of rounds of sex.
No condoms btw. Afterwards Anita went home & had a session with her returning guy.
Did Antonio/Anita seriously think that Milagra wouldn't find out?
She knew before she got through the door. Words exchanged,she started packing a bag.
A couple of friends turned up to do the counseling session. Antonio has spent the last two days trying to do repairs.
It hasn't worked,and I'm not surprised,he has humiliated her in a very public way.
He certainly did a good job on Anita,unlike what he serves up to Milagra.
It's no wonder she spends so much time playing with her dildo machine.
At the time of writing this,he is packing his bags. Good! She can do so much better than him.

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The long goodbye.....& then the feed went down.

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Massage time.

And you.

I tell you what would be easier.....

As the guy is screwing Marta he massages Mil.

Nice view!

Hands begin to wander.

I thought he was going to go for gold here,he considered it,Mil was aware of it & dismounted.

Marta cums.

Nice evening had by all.

The sad bit for me was later on Antonio turned up & was welcomed with open legs arms.

Has she learnt nothing from this week? Seems not.

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Re above pic. They slept on the floor because Kataleya was in their bed,no idea why? Don't know why the wouldn't utilise the Guest room sofa. Or is that reserved for the guy who does the gay cam shows in there?

And despite the nice event of a few nights ago Marta's apartment is gone?

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  • StnCld316 changed the title to Milagra & Antonio

And it looked so good at the re-launch a few nights ago with Archi & Kat, but another argument between Antonio & Mila & she disappears again.

Hope she shows up at Archi & Kat's. But if she has any future on this project she has to kick his sorry arse into touch.

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