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Location of participants?

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On 16/07/2021 at 10:26 PM, dougiestyle4u said:

Yeah, they remain focused on RLC and Barca. All the femme fatales convince the chatters to stay focused on only them 




Only because majority of the apartments are in Barcelona lol. What about years past when other apartments were online lol. 

Still not getting why most got bored of their obsessive & creepy chatting. Leaving them in peace to do so. We could frankly go in and rip them new ass holes, for being so weird and creepy. 🤣

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The participants locations vary from asleep in bed. Lazing or asleep in lounge area. They could be found lazing or sleeping on a day bed in kitchen if there is enough space.
Beware of the sneaky snooze in a spare bedroom.
If they are not asleep or lazing they can usually be found smoking in the Loggia areas.
When not asleep the participants can be found glued to their mobile phones/laptops/PC's.
Their activity of choice is binge watching tv shows via various streaming services.
A popular choice for the hard of thinking or mortally stoned is cartoons.
They graze on take-away foods in various parts of their apartments, this activity is not restricted to traditional areas such as a kitchen or dining area.
Sometimes participants can be found engaged in the mating ritual or copulation.
Unlike other animals who mate for procreation, these humans mate for fun & cash.
A few of the participants will also stray way from their partner and shag anything that moves.
This can happen when participants leave their apartment to visit other participants apartments,although not always.
Again the location of said shagging is not restricted to traditional areas such as a bedroom, but can take place anywhere.
Of course we are lucky to be able to watch these behaviours thanks to the numerous,(not very well) hidden cameras.


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