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Macy Ssens


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On 12/6/2021 at 1:20 AM, dougiestyle4u said:

@cyberleader - you ARE the man. Great, stupendous, awesome captures of Macy. Even a skinny girl can give me an appetite for some ass and pussy. Too bad the camera is far away but must have been quite the show to watch. Nude exercising is the ultimate. 

thanks dougie

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If one is really into some voyeurism this might be one of the apartments where you have to stick around for sex, "but it does happens"...those who stay in this apartment sometimes seems strange and also seem to be in some kind of religion.  I have seen people come and stay for a few days and then leave, nudity seems to be a common thing no matter who's around or who's visiting.   The men must be use to the few woman that are there because the girls nudity doesn't really seem to get their attention as it does mind!! LOL   The older lady loves to show all her goods "big hairy pussy" and I love watching it too!! LOL8) 

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