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  1. Masha was in a music video? Is it on youtube or something?

  2. I will say this much for Masha. She has had more dick in the last 24hrs than the whole year since her couple of casuals since Sasha left. I only say this based on what I see on cam, maybe she got some off cam. She is certainly enjoying it right now. She still entertains me for some reason. If I didnt have any morals I would be up in all of her holes like sumo-man is.
  3. Thanks for that. I didnt know her name.
  4. I would love to have the woman that starts out in the black shirt. When I subscribed to VH I always looked for her. Quiet but so fuckable!
  5. This will sound pathetic, but I just renewed my subscription with replay because I want to see if Kitty & Smith are still nutz! Also, poor doggy........
  6. A rare sighting for a shy girl.
  7. thanks for the explanation
  8. Last night boring... No show
  9. Another one previously posted. Not sure why they dont show up later?
  10. Let me try and re-post a couple
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