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  1. Has home page change to chat box can you change it back
  2. Good by and good luck Belle have a safe journey home and good luck for the future hope to see you back real soon we will all miss you.
  3. Good bye Becca have a safe journey home hope to see you back soon take care of your self and good look for the future miss you.
  4. So has R L C closed now or is it just for members now.
  5. Is anyone still having problems,
  6. +Thanks Stncld316 working fine.
  7. How do i disable anonymizers. help.
  8. Lev disappeared last week for about four day and then just cam back.
  9. No i cannot Lara has dun the right.

  10. Are Leora and Paul having problem she not her usual self around Paul.been with gust two days
  11. you are so wright

  12. Wot a change in Belle she looks happy at B 2 hope this continuous (p s) good luck Belle
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