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i need tec help


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hello for everyone 

ım here wıth you around 2 years 

fırst of all sorry about my eng 


ı had thıs problem whıch  ı attach photo 


so ı have 2 connectıon one is with wi-fi 

otherone is cable connection 

ı had thıs screed fırst wıth the wifi but ı dıd not pay attentıon coz ı was connect wıth cable but now ı have same screen wıth the cableone

ı try to communıcate wıth support team RLC they are answerıng me but they just tell try dıfferent browser thats all

so ı lıve ın turkey we have some ıssue about ınternet protocols whıch ıs ım not allowed to go ın rlc so ı use VPN

I trıed 5 kınd of dıfferent vpn ı changed my dns ı restart my router but ım stıll at same problem

ıf u guys help me ı wıll be pleasure


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What I've learned from past forum posts here and on camcaps, the "Invalid RTMP URL. Connection timeout" is in 95% of the cases caused by an IP-adress that is blocked by RLC.

The issue is with your VPN, RLC seems to be blocking the IP-adress on the far end of your VPN-tunnel.

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