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account blocked permanently


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Your account has been blocked permanently for the User Agreement violation. 
Section 'IV. Restrictions on Use of Sites', par:
( A ) duplicate a Site or any of the Materials contained therein;
( C ) use the Sites or any of the Materials contained therein for any commercial purpose, or for any public display or public performance;
( D ) record videos, take screenshots, restream, sell, rent, lease, license, sublicense, transfer, distribute, re-transmit, time-share, ...;



you will find many videos on the net.

I included 2 video, immediately stop.
After exactly 15 days from payment
mmm very strange ... have realized immediately that were loaded by me?
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mikeusa, so as long as you load them for only sharing amongst RLCF's you are ok?


on less you are talking about sharing with other's by pm or posting pic's or video's on this forum no because of the water mark's in the pic's and video's  those are the gray dot's you will see that pop up every second and also from what one of the mod's told me at camcaps that real life cam has dcma copyright's protection

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Hi Scotsman. The permanent bans are imposed by RLC. They don't like us Posting clips or Pics. i had had several bans but Permanent seems to be permanent, hence I am a free viewer of RLC. Their loss of great FREE advertising. 

On the Net, there is tons of RLC clips in many sites. I have even seen Clips, I had actually put in the Gallery, uploaded by arseholes and being shown elsewhere. Seems the DMCA only applies to us faithful few.  ( DMCA - Digital Millennium Copyright Act ) 

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