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Fan Page Sia

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First shower went off fine.   I was a bit worried when she went to bed last night fully dressed.    She's still nervous, of course.  

Jas followed her into the shower, and rather eclipsed Sia in the matter of curves and fulsomeness.   But Jas spent her first 30 days getting us all thoroughly pissed off.

Its personality that counts.    She's disciplined, seems to have purpose, likes  orderliness.    Not afraid of the other two.  

My guess, she'll get on with Lara and Mel - perhaps whip them into shape once she's found her feet.

Everyone gets on with Belle of course (ok Milena screwed up).   Not sure whether Jas thinks Sia is just too thin to be friendly with.

Lets hope she's got her copy of the RLC manual Developing Girl-Girl Interaction.   She's built for shared baths



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1 hour ago, Plank said:

The person in charge of making up names has run out of ideas. ' Sia '...ffs!

Who next Miley & Borat ? ;D

Kermit and Peggy ^^ can also be an example


But for the moment ; welcome Sia ... try to make something else that just be a new Phonygirl .


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