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L & P's pet issues

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This topic really pertains to all of the RLC tenants who have any pets and not just L & P. First and foremost, some and most likely many, would think that RLC would have it already include in any of the tenants contracts, that if they have when they move in, or get a pet anytime afterwards, that they would be expected to abide by guidelines which should be included in the tenants contracts, to train and force any and all pets to behave in acceptable manners. Some of those manners should include not allowing pets on the furniture unless the tenant allows a pet on just certain furniture, and then only when it's owner allows for it at that particular time and not always, and certainly for no pets to ever be allowed on any of the tenants damn beds. Also, for any of the tenants pets to be allowed to only be able to eat and do their potty business only in a certain designated area of the apartment. Lastly, for the tenants to make sure their pets are behaved in an acceptable way, and disciplined when needed to be and not just one out of every 10-20 times that it should be, and then babied right after it has been disciplined. A pet is an animal, and if not made behave, it will take do whatever it wants, even destroy things. Hopefully Leora will see and read this and think about it. I believe if a person has a pet, that they should take care of it and show it love, but not neglect disciplining it whenever it is needed. If someone does, it is a lack of responsibility or maturity on their part. The little dog at the L & P apartment barks much, much too often and usually nothing is said to it about it, jumps up on any of the furniture anytime it wants and even has gotten to eating on the furniture, jumps up onto the damn bed anytime it wants, and from time to time poops on the floor in other places of the apartment, instead of just the mat that Leora keeps changed-out and put down in the hall for it. RLC should send an email to all the tenants to control their pets, or get rid of the pets, or to plan on finding another place to live at the end of current contracts.

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