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Candy, has a nice body, is not as thin as other girls who have entered the house, has an abundant breast, which should enhance more and not leave hidden so much inside the bras ...
They say that she will not be long in the house, just a month ...
If it was not for a boyfriend that I do not think she does much good to her during her stay inside the house, she could be encouraged, because it is very influenced by Mich and she feels comfortable with the presence with Sia.
The truth is that if she took the trouble to do topless, the other girls would pass into the background.

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Candy seems to have got off to a slow start.    Problem seems to be her Bf giving negative stress and wanting her home.    In particular I note he feels she won't earn much.

This might be that her potential earnings at RLC are much  less than the 1,000 Euros a day Camgirls can, apparently, make.  OR it is possible that tenants are unclear on what they need to do to earn/entertain.

Maybe the bonus structure at RLC is unclear or not explained well.   Only weeks ago Jasmin justified in part her reluctance to entertain by saying she was going to earn 500 Euros only for the month.   Becca calculated her earnings at 1200,

Candy may well know exactly how to make good money during her time with us.   Or maybe it is the relaxing Barca sunshine (in November!)  and friendly fun she is after (not to mention getting away from controlling Mr Stressful hubby).

Whatever her motives for being here she hasn't lived up to her billing yet.   


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Is it true what I have read today, that the cams was darken in Candy's room because she and Michelle had sex and didn't want their boyfriends to see what was going on?  So what did the paying customers get out of it?  Oh I guess where just going to have to wait for Michelle's next fake web cam show.  At least some of us know what happened in that dark room last night.  They must have ate each other real good for the lights to be out.8)

Sia must be on phone watch today, while the two lovers "Michelle and Candy" are out.8)

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