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That would be a great addition to the site, English speaking tenants !!! ...... Maybe opening up some more cameras on a few apartments once a month on a 24 hour promo view to show us non-members what we are missing !!! Be sure to give advance notice of what day this camera promo might take place......so the maximum amount of viewers can be online that day.... just a thought to increase membership numbers !!!!

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I do believe that at least 98% of them do either know English or speak it...."they don't baby sit those cell phones for nothing and I sure they do read everything we type"....I have seen and heard a lot of English speaking young ladies in the GP apartment.   But yes, we do need some English speaking tenants of all races......"it might just bring in more members."8)

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Would be good for many reasons and prove how many are full of shit with what they say is going on. To many weirdo's and stalkers for them to risk them giving away to much. Some can't wait to share information about the tenants when they do speak English, no matter if it puts them in danger or not. 

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