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She looks good, a little thin though.... could use just a little bit more in the titties ... nice butt in them jammies..... she is probably pretty tight between those legs.....some good lube will help out there !!! Does the twerp go down on her, or just stick it in and hammer away...if she had a man who would take his time and rub her, caress her, massage her, and bury his face between her legs and just lick, tongue, and lick some more, she would begin to like having sex !!!!  Stroke that vagina in and out s-l-o-w-l-y and suck on them tits, kiss her passionately, and allow her time to respond to you.  If you can't do this with a woman, you best go jerk off over in the corner into a tissue !!! Talk to her, see what she likes done to her, what are her fantasies, maybe she likes being tied up, or talked to dirty like.... maybe she wants to be in charge and tell you what to do to her....talk to her about doing it in a dressing room in a store, or no panties and flash you in the house, or sit on your lap with your hard on sticking inside her at the park, or on the bus.....be creative !!!!!!  A blow job while you are driving around town.  What do you think, guys ??? Any of this have any merit ??? Do you have any favorite ways to do it ??? Sound off and maybe some of these limp dick dweebs will wise up and listen to our advice !!!!!!!

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