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Anastasia, Lexy & Pete

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A case of oh so damn close but no cigar.
Lexy & Pete and their mate Stew, who we have seen a few times at different apartments, & his very cute blue haired 'girl-friend' visited.
Things started really well,she & Lexy got changed into sexy underwear and the action moved to the LR.
A lot of the time they were speaking English, so at least we had a clue what was going on for a change.
The attempt at seducing the girl-friend had begun.The kissing,caressing and fondling stepped up as the booze flowed.

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However blue hair was a little resistant at times, which is understandable in an apartment full of camera's,but she was enjoying it all.
Pete eventually suggested they all go upstairs to the bedroom.
L & P began their session,blue hair said that she just wanted to watch, this disappointed the group, especially Pete.They tried to persuade her,but no.
Pete insisted that 'if you only want to watch you have to be naked'. She agreed to that.

Despite numerous attempts at encouragement to join in she didn't want to know.Stew on the other hand got involved as he has before.
Blue haired girl watched as though this was some sort of practical/scientific demonstration. I wasn't sure if she was intrigued or disgusted.

When the session finished she clapped them,which Lexy thought was a 'good commentary'.
Blue hair couldn't wait to get out of the room quick enough & go to bed.


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Stew & Natty the blue haired girl have left the building. I hope she returns sometime soon.
It was nice to hear Lexy & Pete talking over the events in English.
Makes a change from speculation or half-assed translations, or my dodgy opinions. :lol:

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Oh I am a very happy bunny again. Bree has come to stay with Lexy & Pete for a week or so! :)

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Great to see these three together,there is a lot of genuine love between them.
Still not sure if Bree's head is back in the right place yet. A comment that bothered me, that Lexy repeated to Pete was,
"She say's she loves us,but doesn't love herself." :(
I would walk over broken glass to make that girl happy.
Anyway Lexy & Bree danced,Pete enjoyed the view.

Yes Pete I know what you're thinking,we all do!

Beautiful !  :wub:

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