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Cleo & Axel

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  • 3 weeks later...

Wow ! No post's. Ok let me change that!

Clara & Stas turned up for a drink & snacks in the LR before they all moved to the BR for Strip Poker.

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There was some shyness here mainly from Axel ?, which is understandable, and the couples separated to go off & do their thing alone.
C & A in the BR.

C & S in the LR.

They regrouped for more cards which developed into a same room session.

The ice has been broken now so we will have to wait & see if this goes any further, but they will need to get over any shyness/anxiety ?


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  • 3 weeks later...

I really like this couple !
Cleo & Axel have a couple of friends that visit quite often. (the ones on the left) *Carl & Agnes.

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They have joined in games of strip poker,the girl has dressed in sexy lingerie & there have been massage sessions.
This foursome have not gone as far as the sessions with Clara & Stas yet,but we can hope.

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*info update
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These foursome sessions are getting better & better.
After another session of strip/dare cards,which got pretty steamy, Agnes (other girl)stays in the bedroom after her boyfriend Carl crashed out it the LR.
First Axel used a wand on Cleo, before Cleo got stuck into Agnes, while Axel got into Cleo.
At the end of it all Agnes was done. No shock there as she had had a great solo bate session in the bath before the evening events started.
(VH subscribers have a look in the archive moments section,wow!)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Cleo's friend Agnes turned up the other night with her new guy in tow.
The usual strip card games started and before too long they were all having a same room session.
And wow did Agnes get some!
The good news is that Axel had no performance issues in front of Agnes & new guy,not like he does when Clara & Stas come to play?

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  • 2 weeks later...

In the words of Kool & the Gang,(1979) "if you hear any noise, it ain't the boys it's ladies night,uh-huh." O0
And with Axel safely tucked up in bed the party began.
Lots of drinking & a game of strip poker. The bad news was that the sexy brunette was either winning or didn't want to get involved.

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Meanwhile Cleo looked slaughtered & her mate Tessa wasn't far behind her.
Just when I thought the evening was going end,the toys came out.
Sexy brunette was offered various toy's to play with,including Cleo's favourite wand. She refused....damn it!
"Ooh no thanks, I'm trying to give them up."

On my right,dressed in black stockings,with home-field advantage, Miss Cleo.

And on my left,wearing tan stockings,Miss Tessa!

After five minutes they changed ends.Tessa remembers the cam.

Sexy brunette helping Cleo with boob squeezes.

As Cleo & Tessa got into it Sexy brunette seemed a little embarrassed at her friends.

Cleo lost one of the batteries.

Sexy brunette seemed happy enough,singing as the other two went at it,until I noticed where Cleo's hand had been.

As the night drew to a close,Cleo went to assist Tessa who was being sick in the Bathroom ,they had drank a hell of a lot.
In the cover of darkness & under a blanket the Sexy brunette started to experiment with some toys.
She really liked Cleo's wand & was just getting into it when the other girls arrived back from having a smoke.

Great fun night was had by all,more of Sexy brunette please!

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