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I've noticed that Naomi is wearing a ring on the third finger of her right hand. This usually signifies that a person is married in Europe. So is she?

Also, Naomi is doing a great job in coming between Monica and Sofie. I can understand that Sofie and Naomi were friends prior to RLC but Monica is being cut out of anything that may be happening at B2 as far as Sofie and Naomi are concerned.

I will be anticipating Monica's departure in the near future if this BS continues with S&N.

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A week or so before Naomi turned up Monica seemed to call a halt to the ever closer near-naked bonding sessions with Sofie.

Do we know if Sofie is girl-friendly?    Seems so.    There was a bloke last week she cuddled on the settee, then sent away untouched.

Perhaps Monica thought things were going too far for her comfort levels.   She chose to isolate herself more in her bedroom, relying on regular (impressive) masturbation sessions to keep the viewers purring

This left Sofie on her own - perhaps by design because then Naomi turned up

So who knows what may be planned for Monica, 

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Poor Naomi,

There is little soundproofing especially between her and Monica's room - who has just finished her customary vocal orgasm

Naomi lies abed, but her legs are open beneath the covers and her hand gently strokes near her breast.    She wants to bate - I would suggest - but hasn't quite worked up to it yet.

And next door the rhythmic grunts and cries rise to their ordained crescendo

What's Naomi to do - where can the courage come from to go that bit further with Sofie

She is still awake.   Throbbing.     Her door is left open - but tonight Sofie is already fast asleep.     

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Naomi continues to show that she`s devious and is playing to the cameras. She will not touch Sofie sexually (at least not on camera)  although she doesn't seem to mind when Sofie plays with her ,or is that an act as well?

Sofie allows or even encourages Naomi to share her bed and some of us are drawn into this ruse, hoping that the two will actually play around in the nude, but Naomi always makes sure she keeps her panties on.

I can only hope that she will be a tenant for a short stay.

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Hi TBird,

'Playing to the cameras', of course, that's what she is paid for, but I wouldn't call Naomi devious.    My guess is she signed up for some weeks of the usual partly pre-planned lesbian flirtation and is struggling to relax into the part, even with the beautiful and incredibly patient Sofie.

Another week has passed and Naomi is now used to the cameras.    She allows Sofie some freedoms, probably as dictated by RLC, but without desire on her part.   She stays detached from the rubbings and strokings, often by focussing on her phone,  and avoids kissing with a laugh or a grin (of embarrassment).

Poor Sofie - to work so hard, be so gentle and beautiful, only for Naomi not to respond.

Solution: plenty of alcohol and she might.

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Did anyone see the session between Sophie and Naomi yesterday afternoon? Albeit not overly passionate there was a good deal of kissing and pussy rubbing and they both seemed to enjoy it. I believe (hope) that Naomi is slowly warming to Sophie's advances.

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