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A few days late but...It was advertised as this;

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I was looking forward to it,we've seen Darcie & Mira before so.....
The constant buffering of the BR cams made it almost unwatchable!
But how cute does Darcie look here!

After an hour build up of the girls watching porn.
Darcie started to yawn & decided to move things forward.

Just the action was heating up & clothes were coming off, Darcie switched off the lights ! >:D

A frenzied 10 minutes of lesbo mole sex plus the buffering turned this evening from potentially great  to piss take! >:D


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'Darcie & Stifler met a really nice couple: Mandy & Ricky. They had several parties together and the atmosphere there got pretty hot and naughty things happened like both couples having sex together on the sofa in living room.'
And Mandy is very easy on the eyes.

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It seems to me that D & S have been auditioning couples to see who might be brought in to their scene. A couple last night didn't really get involved in the action even though D & S went at it in front of them,shame really.

However,what is not to like about this,other than the f***ing disco lights! 😵

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