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Foxy & Kira, have already proved to be interesting in their first few days.
They have a very loose relationship, I don't think there are any rules as to what they can & can't do within that relationship.
We saw Kira entertain a girl-friend the other night. And last night Foxy entertained a 'slave boy' watched by another girl.
It looked like she was giving a teaching session,Foxy looked very skilled at what she was doing! Later she used a strap-on on him.
Foxy has got a helluva body & very sexy with it. She has got some interesting tattoo's as well, just way too many of them for my tastes.

This evening they had a house full of guests for what looked to be a fun evening.
However there was open drug use going on and the apartment has been taken down.
If George (Mary) can return after the appalling scenes we saw the other night, surely a bit of 'recreationals' will be ok? Just do like everyone else does, be discreet, not on cam!

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George left,thank f**k, I really don't like that guy! >:(

Leaving Foxy & Kira to have a party with Nina,Alan & Serena ! And wow was it a party & a half. Ended up with Kira questioning her 'lesbianism' thanks to Alan.

It's too late/early for me to get into it now. But if I get get chance later I will try & post something. Unless anybody else wants to wade in ?

Still trying to get my head around what just happened.:blink:

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They say,'a picture paints a thousand words', and if I tried to write this up I would be here all night!

Part 1 of 3.

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Kira,Serena & Foxy

Alan considers how his life got so crap, with Serena,Nina & Foxy.

Nina & Foxy get to work on Serena. At the end of it Serena could hardly walk.

Kira shows Nina some attention,she had been busy talking with Alan. Foxy watches.

Foxy & Serena.





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Part 3, or The de-lesbianisation of Kira?

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This is going on in Foxy's room while she & Serena chat in the LR. Nina is giving them commentary. Yes that is Kira sat on Alan's face.

After the session Serena got a phone call (? from George?) and vanished? Kira & Alan are kissing passionately, Nina is intrigued as to wtf?

Interesting look from Foxy to Kira......'really?'

After ages of passionate kissing & dry humping on the LR sofa, Alan & Kira move to the bedroom. Difficult to say if he did or didn't for whatever reason, but they got very close.

After Nina left,as Foxy slept in the LR, Alan & Kira wake up in Kira's room and carry on. There was a hell of a lot of passion from these two toward each other all evening.

Kira pointed out that it was a new day and they should really stop. They went to the kitchen where they checked their phones and there was an almost embarrassed, (but not really), 'about last night...feel to it.

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Following a steamy half hour of mutual masturbation in the shower this afternoon.
I can confirm that tonight there was penetration of Kira by Alan.
It only lasted a minute,literally, before Kira stopped it all seemingly spooked by the cameras.
It's ok Kira, your secret is safe with us. ;)

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So when is a 'Lesbian' apartment not a Lesbian apartment?
When Kira gets it on with Alan.
So when is an 'All girl' apartment not an All girl apartment?
When Foxy has male gay/bi friends over that she blows & that get to screw her first with a dildo anally.
Then the following night with a dick,vaginally.
Somehow I get the feeling that VHtv have been played here, or George the manager hasn't liked the viewing figures.


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Delay of game but so what. I wasn't sure where to post this as it involves Nina & Alan & Kira.
But seeing as it was in Kira's shower, this seem like the right place, or realm. ::)
Nina & Alan went for a shower. Kira came in to brush her teeth.

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Nina had that cheeky/playful look she gets.Clearly she encouraged Kira to get involved.

She must have asked Kira if she wanted to screw Alan.
It was all a bit, 'omg they are all out there & I'm supposed to be a lesbian, & if anyone asks.....'

Nina went to get a condom, then it all kicked off.

Looks like Nina was enjoying herself.

Nina asked Alan if if came,obviously yes,she seemed amazed!

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