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Should toilets be on cam?


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If only they will use it like the case of Nelly, that the water cup, they only use it to make their organic needs, I would be totally indistinct.

But if they use it as a booth, because they know there are no microphones, or that they use it to hide from cameras and do things that have nothing to do with those needs, then yes.
The sites are private, if they are actually used as something private. in GP, the cup does not really look, and the girls have a degree of privacy, however, the microphone of that camera works perfectly and the more it happens, is that some girl, open the water so it does not sound like urine.

The camera in the main bathroom points to the bathroom, and we have seen as girls, urinate without any problem. Actually, there was nothing to hide, because nothing has been seen and his privacy has always been safe.

It is true, that a girl, will never feel comfortable doing their organic needs in front of a camera, but I think equally I do not think they feel comfortable having sex in front of the cameras. But that's RLC.

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I would say no!!!! "but seeing that Sofie and Naomi has used it to hid from the cams when doing their so called lesbian sex acts....and others has also used it to hide from the cams in B2 also."........but then they could have all been full of carp too just to keep the viewers guessing.  No I don't want to watch anyone shit.8)

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