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Fan Page Elisa and Fima

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1st Meeting...

For those who remember, Elisa made a move to B1, one of the funniest moments of my viewing of RLC Land, because there was that weirdo beard caveman (Vika husband), still with his blue tracksuit, making Eskimo kisses all the time
I remember a memorable shouting between him and Elisa in the kitchen
RIP B1 (B1 is B1 do not use that name 4 other apt / as in American sports this jersey is retired)

(Image Content No Longer Available)


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Fima maybe looks a bit flabbier than last visit.   Perhaps the clearer light in that guest bedroom is unkind to him.     

Or is it the news all us sad loners whose sex life is lived vicariously by watching  flabby old bastards inexplicably get lucky with young girls secretly want to hear - that regular sex with a beautiful much younger girl is actually not good for you.  

Thought so, and that's why I avoid those kind of exertions too. 



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3 minutes ago, TBird97 said:

Sorry, but I fail to see anything positive from putting Elisa and her much older B/F Firma in with Ami and Nil. They have very little in common and Firma controls Elisa, as we've seen from their prior tenancy.  Just my opinion.

We may be proven wrong but I agree.  I don't think we are going to get much socialization between these couples.

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12 minutes ago, Harry1949 said:

We may be proven wrong but I agree.  I don't think we are going to get much socialization between these couples.

Two minutes of the girls together in the kithen earlier was Tension City!!!

I'm counting on a catfight at the very least once there's some booze open.    Its going to be great!

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Welcome, you could say, to the "new" RLC couple.
Although I think it is one of the few couples, where the girl, we have seen her in the house in Barcelona (I remember who does not know she was in B1), as a couple they were also in a short stay in the current house of Beautiful.
So, they have been among the few girls, who have gone through all the possible situations.
Now she also shares a house, when she is in a couple.

In her favor, to say, that she has a nice body to enjoy the show. Against it, that this floor, is not the best ideas of RLC.

The space is very small, and with couples, the girls, do not feel comfortable showing their body, we have the problem, that then, the spectators do not see the house as something interesting.

Anyway, I do not know that RLC expects the stay of this couple in the house, because as you have all commented, the relationship between couples, it is nothing more than a mere formality.
Anyway, it seems that some business are in business, or that is my impression.

In short, I hope that RLC, give the key to make the house work, and not be a common space But two couples, which are two worlds without any connection. And I know that that is very complicated.

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As the days progress, it becomes painfully obvious that there is little, if any, rapport between the two couples. Firma looks like a slob most days and Nil avoids him while Ami ignores him. Elisa is caught in the middle.

RLC would be well advised to look for another placement for either couple.

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