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I did view all of Loraine's birthday party yesterday, and did notice how she open up....and then again it could have been the drinks...we the viewers well only know in the coming weeks..  Adri..who I have to change name to Madame now because of being able to keep the girls attention and keep Malina's crying boyfriends head above water all at the same time.."giving him a lollipop high five every once in a while to make him feel good".lol......Madame Adri is very good at what she does, I think she "could make a skunk think he smells like roses"..lol    Although Loraine had fun at her party, I think it would have been better viewing if the girls was not checking their cell-phones every 5 seconds looking for viewers or comments.....I feel your not always going to get an A for what your doing and if you don't like failure your in the wrong business away way....and if you can't stand bad criticism "COMMENTS" then you should have never join the site...."surly it comes alone with your pay."  The party did end..like others with most of the girls drunk and sloppy looking....or though I can't give all the credit to Adri...she have to share this one with Malina's boyfriend, for having 7 great baby sitters.8)

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Seems the very tall and sexy Loraine has company in her bed tonight "Elly and hot and always horny Mila"...seems they were giving each other a massage...I was hoping for more.  Elly sometimes seems to not like the cams as much...but does participate when the time comes.....and I think Mila just need a good female playmate to stop that horny itch.8)

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