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Bonnie & Clyde

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Who the fk comes up with these names? ::)

So this is Bonnie?I thought that Clara had a sister! Not seen much happen yet but the good news is she does naked Yoga!

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I bet this looks great from that other cam! And even though I don't usually post shots of a 'graphic-nature',but I will make an exception here.
If you want to see the graphic stuff,get a subscription to VHtv.



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Bonnie takes some selfies.

Ok I know this was staged for views,so what? You try and come up with some new ideas every day to keep the viewers interested.
But I've posted this in an appreciation of Bonnie's fantastic physique. Credit where credit is due,she works hard enough for that body & it would be remiss of us to ignore it!
That's my excuse & I am sticking to it. 😜

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