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I've always found Chat too aggressive.     I've preferred Forum because posts and responses can be considered.   There was time to express thoughts and try to be humorous.   The space felt open-minded.      A wide range of opinion, provided it was  based on observation, was welcome.

There are parts of Forum where grown-up comment prevails.     The tenants are admired.    Language is calm and respectful.  

But sometimes there is a sourness, a bitterness in the comment or 'humour', that speaks of intolerance and even bullying.   I'm concerned Forum is also becoming  a place where only 'approved' views are welcome.       Where the humour is passive-aggressive rather than welcoming.

There is no longer a wide enough range of viewpoints; the audience for posts is now too small to garner a range of responses.     Leadership has gone, and without it we are rudderless.



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I agree that Chat is too much. The amount of theories i've read in the last 2 years could make a great movie!

The forum is where you can digest and react to what has gone beforehand. Now, i fully admit that i can and have been critical of certain tenants, because one thing i can;t stand in life are fakes. Yes, we know all about why this site exists and could get into all that again, but there are still, and have been in the past enough real tenants on the site to prove that not all of them are like that. So if i feel criticism is due, i'll give it. I don't wish any bad feelings, it's more like if a player for your team isn't doing the job, you react. Same thing here. But at the same time, if someone needs praising or a thumbs up, i'll give that too. Right now, Masha looks a lot better than she has for quite a while with her latest hairdo. But like when they set up the bed sheet tent when E&S visited, that does need a thumbs down!

I understand where you are coming from with 'Bitterness', and i guess gut reactions can spill over into that, but vocal inflections of course can't be heard in what's written down. Sometimes what looks petty can actually be sarcastic or even meant to be tongue in cheek. 

The forum is the best way to catch up, it's easy to miss something and to scroll back to check something makes it very worthy. That's why i feel the forum is much better than chat.

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In my opinion, the forum has at least something for everyone while the chat has something for just a few. In reality, I don't think there are many participating members in either the chat or forum compared to a few years ago. Sure there are members active or signing in to this site but only to MONITOR/READ the chat or posts in the forums. Bit of irony or contradiction - the forum gives you a better chance to have your voice heard compared to the chat room. Think about it.

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5 hours ago, Scorpio 22 said:

If the chat went would it really be a big loss?

Not to me.


I think there are also other reasons why both chat and the forums are quiet compared to before. 

1. There are probably a lot of non-English speakers who watch the site but might not be able or just not confident enough to participate in regular chatting.

2. I'm sure people sign up to the forum only to look for links, videos etc, NOT to talk at all. There are probably some who have never, and have no intention of getting involved.

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I love the Forum because I can say what I have to say and get it over with and don't have to worry about a lynch mob who doesn't agree with me.  Why not just get rid of both of them?  All they are doing is just turning members against each other..."most members are worried more about these ladies and their personnel fantasies that's not going to happen anyway then keeping a friend."  Yes we bicker and argue like a bunch of kids over dreams that's disgust in the chat room and the forum and expect everyone to agree on every ones thoughts."  I am sure these so called loving girls do read each and everything we say and laugh at the members who bitch and mourn over them.   Get rid of the chat room and the Forum surly we all would get our monies worth then.  We can hate other members, we can bitch and even fall in love with something your never going to get anyway,  you can hate me and members like me and you have the power not to read any thing that I or others say,  but remember its not going to change nothing in here....so either suck it up or move on.8)  

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Most people above seem to think Forum is in good order.    I don't.

Gone is the fun community of like-minded perverts supporting each other in appreciating voyeur sites with observation and good-humour.    Lately this view sounds more like waggy-tailed naivety from a romantic old fool.

The barracking attitudes that spoiled Chat have become over-common.   Ideas are shot down.    Everyone is trashed.

Your idea of 'complete nonsense' may be someone else's accurate and perceptive observation of something you didn't see or lack imagination or sensitivity to interpret.    Or it may be over-the-top wrong, but trashing the view without giving any reasons is complete nonsense.   It closes down discussion rather than opens it up.    Either way, if someone is making a fun post why shoot them down?    Some of you seem even to hunt in packs.

The predominant voice now is derision.     Nothing wrong with that except if it drowns out other voices.    Little minds shout loudest.    We can all do it, but constant negativity and mockery undermine enjoyment, so people leave.

My view: Forum should be wagging its tail but too often is sniffing its arse. 



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1 hour ago, Wazzer said:

Why can't some of you just watch and enjoy when you see something in stead of having to speculate and guess what is happening 24/7. Why the need to find out what they are doing outside of Real Life Cam - it's none of your business. 

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2 hours ago, Wazzer said:

For me best thing to do is just ignore both chat and the girls forum topics because both are just ludicrous. I do wonder (the new RLCF word) how many are watching the same thing or getting payed to make shit up to make RLC more entertaining than it actually is. 

 They waste enough money as it is without wasting anymore.

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